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Fishing Trips in Tenerife “It's not just the fishing, it is the whole experience” Reviewed 12 May 2013

I've been on trips with Mick, John, Meme and Jack for about 10 years now and on average about 2 trips a year, mostly Christmas but some in the summer. Every trip has been different. There have been a few blanks, but it's fishing and that happens. But when it's good it's really good. Last year my mate Glen and I had a lovely pair of Bonito each and we took them back to our hotel for dinner. You can't beat that. It's like a mission accomplished. I get the bus from Callao Salvaje down to Los Christianos for about 10am. The all-day trip sails about 10.30. The first part is trolling the lures so you are hoping one of the reels wizzes off. This is where you will hook into tuna or something bigger like maybe wahoo or if you are really lucky a marlin. The second part of the trip is bottom fishing and this Christmas I had 5 rays, none of them massive but it was fun catching them and the guy next to me had an amberjack of about 30lb. In addition to this we had dolphins follow us out of the harbour, We stopped to photograph some pilot whales and on the way in we were hand feeding the seagulls (some of which have been given names by the crew). It's just great fun and if you don't catch it's great just being out on the sea enjoying the sun!

Fishing Charters in Tenerife “Sea Fishing” Reviewed 11 April 2013

The deal is that my wife gets a week in the sun and I can go fishing a couple of times. I have fished on the crested wave at least 5 times and have always been impressed by how hard the crews works for you to catch fish. I have been other places which treat you like a mug tourist, with not a chance in hell of catching anything. On the crested wave time is split between trolling and bottom fishing, so catching something is almost assured. I have been on the boat when a huge blue marlin was caught, large various rays are a regular capture and I have also caught nothing, well thats fishing !. Great honest fishing trip. A must for any angler bored of being by the pool. Took 11yr old daughter last time. See there website.

Fishing Boats in Tenerife “Great day out !!!” Reviewed 3 April 2013

If like me you love your fishing and you want to try your luck a landing something big! then you should try the crested Wave. I have been out with these guys on three separate occasions now and each time it has been a successful day! I find it better to do the full day as the time will fly past! Friendly skipper and staff and they do provide a packed lunch and some drinks. One tip would be to book through the booking agents in the little shops and really push them for deals, you can save quite a bit this way, always try more than one as well.

Fishing Excursions in Tenerife “Fishing at its best!” Reviewed 23 March 2013

Whilst bottom fishing there were 3 large smooth hound sharks caught, all about 1.5 m long. Whilst trolling we were chasing bluefin tuna, they were all around the boat but no one managed to hook one, but still very exciting to watch.

Big Game Fishing in Tenerife “Great days out fishing” Reviewed 9 March 2013

I have been out fishing several times on different boats around the Canary Islands and in my opinion this is the best that I have had the pleasure of sailing on. The crew on board are all professional and very helpful, the boat is kept as clean as possible even when there are fish flapping around on the deck. If you do the full day trip you tend to go trolling out on the morning then anchor up around lunch time to do some bottom fishing for a few hours while having lunch and then more trolling on the afternoon on your way back to Los christianos. I will be returning to Tenerife in march and have already booked another 2 days out on this boat. In short if you fancy a good day out fishing try these out.

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